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Herbal Sleep Aid Is Much Better Than Medication

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Life can get shattered due to insomnia. It can produce number of negative effects in the body and mind of the affected person. There can be frequent illness, depression and difficulties in concentrating due to this problem. There are many people find sleeping is a very difficult thing to happen.

Many doctors may prescribe medicine for this problem but these medicines have plenty of side effects. Beside side effects you cannot really get healthy sleep with the help of such medications. Medication only results in unconsciousness which is not the kind of sleep that you need.

There is herbal sleep aid available which is much better alternate to medication and provides natural solution to sleeping disorder. You may use it as a long term supplement for curing your sleeping disorder or you can use it for short term purpose as well.

Some of the common herbal sleep aids, which can easily cure your insomnia problems, are described as below:


This is one of the oldest remedy for sleeping disorder which is normally consumed along with tea. Its taste is quite pleasant. Besides curing sleeplessness it also cures stomach irritation.

You can get the benefit of chamomile by taking it occasionally. However it is quite mild and you can take it for extended period too. There is no side effect or dependency with this herbal sleep aid. However some people may have allergy to this.

However those who are experts in this field have not been able to find out how chamomile induces sleep.


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As a common herbal sleep aid Valerian is used by many people which are root. There is a special smell like old socks that is due to isovaleric acid present in it. In case you are suffering from occasional sleeplessness problem then you can take Valerian. You can also use this for long term basis.

Patients have shown very good result with Valerian and no negative side effects were observed. Therefore people who have chronic case of Insomnia can use this herbal sleep aid regularly. However you must avoid high doses which may cause headaches, nausea and dizziness.


It is also known as sleep hormone and especially suit to blind people, people suffering from jet lag, those live in a place where there is extended sunlight. Those who are looking for short term remedy for sleeping disorder may take melatonin supplements. This is also useful for those whose natural sleep cycle is disturbed.


It is a kind of amino acid which is found in our body. When people have got chronic fatigue then this herbal aid can be used. Patient will get healthy sleep if taken regularly for few weeks. This is very safe to take this sleeping aid as it does not produce any side effects. However you must avoid high dosages.


If you add tryptophan in your diet it can help you to relax and can produce healthy sleep. There are number of foods contain tryptophan.

These herbal solutions can be better solution to your sleeping disorder as compared to consuming sleeping pills or medication that is available in the market.

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