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Effective Natural Sleep Aid

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Insomnia occurs due to lack of sleep. Insomnia is of various types, which will affect you mentally and physically. There is a saying called one sleeplessness is equal to abstaining food for 100 days. So, plenty of sleep at least for 7-8 hours a day is necessary to maintain a healthy body. Besides, lack of sleep may also cause dark circles, hair loss, unhealthy skin and digestive problems.

So, you take certain preventive measures, to avoid Insomnia. This includes Herbal Treatments, Advanced treatments and Home care. Chronic insomnia is the symptom for depression, sleep apnea, Diabetes or hot flashes and heart diseases. So, you could consult your doctor for further assistance if you notice chronic insomnia.

Natural sleep aid by herbs:

You could always prefer the natural treatments rather than chemical oriented treatments, which will minimize the side effects. You could have a natural sleep by using the following effective herbs like Melatonin, Kava and Valerian.

Valerian herb:

This is the best herb, which is used to treat Insomnia. Besides, this herb also relieves you from body pains too. This herb also relaxes your nervous system, for which you can have a pleasant sleep.


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Melatonin is a popular herb, which provides you the natural sleep aid. You could have this half an hour before going to bed. You could use this herb, to avoid side effects.


Kava is a herb, which is used to treat anxiety related problems. This is the best cure for Insomnia. This is one of the powerful herbs for natural sleep aid.

Besides you could follow some relaxation techniques, through which you can have a natural sleep aid. This includes going to bed early and, having short naps during the day. You could try Visualization before going to bed, and this involves in imagining yourself in beautiful places, waterfalls and islands. You could do meditation daily, which is the best cure for Insomnia.

Yoga is also an excellent natural sleep aid. Besides, you have to make certain changes in your diet, so as to have a pleasant sleep.


You could avoid having more oily foods, Alcohol, caffeine, sweets. You could prefer the food which is rich in Magnesium and Amino acids and, this includes Green leafy vegetables, whole grains, Almonds, Cashews, Wheat bran, Brevers yeast and Blackstrap molasses.

Deficiency in magnesium leads to constipation, irritation, pain, cramps and anxiety.

Besides, you could also use supplements, to have a pleasant sleep. You could use melatonin supplements to have a restful sleep. Besides, you could also prefer the usage of the combination of Valerian extract and hops extract. This will improve your sleep. You could stop thinking about unnecessary matters, while going to your bed.

Drink plenty of water at least 2.5 to 3 liters a day. This will relieves you from stress. You could have a cup of cherries daily as a snack, as it is rich in melatonin. Try to have separate bed rooms to have a pleasant sleep. You could also avoid alarm clocks in your room, so as to avoid disturbances during your sleep. Always prefer to sleep in darkness.

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