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Natural Sleep Aid With Lifestyle Changes

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When we speak about the basic needs of human beings, the only ones that come to our mind are food, clothing and shelter. A good sleep can also be included in this order. Nowadays, the number of people having sleeping troubles has gradually increased. This may be because of change in lifestyles, food habits, lack of physical activities, staying awake till late hours, working in shifts, consuming drugs and mental stress.

A few of the facts about natural sleep aids are healthy eating habits, physical fitness, relaxed mind and a comfortable environment. These factors support peaceful sleep for people of any age.

Healthy Eating Habits:

Avoiding carbonated bottle drinks, tea, coffee, chicory, chocolate, oily food and all kinds of preserved foods may help you to have a sound sleep. Including a lot of fresh vegetables and fruits in your daily diet will ease your digestive system, which will further aid you in sleeping. Consuming food rich in magnesium can increase your sleeping hours. Such practices provide gradual health benefits and they show improvement in the quality of your sleep. Other than these, there are a few more natural alternatives, which give instant remedies for sleeplessness.

Some of the natural herbal remedies such as Valerian, Chamomile and wild Lettuce are good to be used as natural sleep aid.

Valerian is an herb that reduces night walks and your increases sleeping hours. It is a good sedative and doesn’t result in morning grogginess. It shows good improvements when combined with other sedative herbs like skullcap, California poppy, hops, and passion flower.

Chamomile is an herb that contains amino acid. Consumption of tea with chamomile and lemon grass can relieve your stressed muscle and aid in getting proper sleep. Lettuce is a mild sedative consuming it on a regular basis, you can avoid sleepless nights.

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Importance of Physical fitness

People working on computers can stick to any kind of out door activities or simple yoga. Taking short naps during the day could interrupt your sleep in the night. These days, people usually work in an air conditioned offices with fully furnished artificial lights. This makes changes the natural cycle of day and night, further stressing them.

In such cases, exposing yourself to natural sunlight to some extent can alter the sleep cycle and it acts as a natural sleep aid.

How to relax a mind?

An enthusiastic mind, which can generate positive waves will make one optimistic and give a good sleep. Relieving your mind from stress and anxiety is the first step to relaxation. Thinking about happy moments will make you forget about your worries and other problems. Listening to music soothes the inner you and it will surely help you have a sound sleep.

Sleeping Environment

Bedrooms having utmost air circulation, pleasant aroma, dim lights, hygienic bed spreads with comfortable pillows and cushions can also be taken into account along with natural sleep aid.

It is recommended that you take early supper, much before you go to bed. Having a shower also relaxes your body, and induces sleep. Wearing comfortable attire can also help you rest peacefully.

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