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Natural Sleep Aids to Avoid Restless Turning and Moving Before Sleeping

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In today’s fast phase life everyone is facing lot of tension and depression. Millions of people find it difficult to have adequate rest at night. They suffer from disorder known as insomnia. The symptom is lack of sleep. To get cure from sleeplessness the patient try to take medicines prescribed by medical practitioners.

Some individuals get cured in few days but majority of them are not able to get relief or suffer from side effects. In the market there are many natural sleep aids to treat the disease. To find out best among them is not a child play.

Well recommended natural sleep aids:

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  • Melatonin: It is a dietary supplement which helps to reduce depression level which leads to restful sleep.
  • Valerian: It is herbal extract to treat the sufferer from sleepless hours.
  • Clamolie: For centuries this herbal product has given relief for many people. It has benefits of anti-flammable and anti- bacterial also.
  • Kava: It is a herbal product to cure stress, restlessness of mind and insomnia.
  • Passion flower: Its extract widely used to track down insomnia as well as for gastro intestinal complaints.
  • Tart cherry: Juice of the fruit if drank daily will surely improve your sleeping habits.
  • Fishes: Few fishes like cod, shrimp, and tuna have a natural ingredient called tryptophan to put you to restful sleep.
  • Lemon balm: It is a kind of mint which goodness is widely known as it cures indigestion and reduces agitation which leads to calm sleep.
  • Sage : Another herbal product soaked in hot water and strained to drink to lessen insomnia.
  • Magnesium: Eatables such as legumes seeds, green leafy vegetables, wheat bran and nuts are rich in magnesium which is a natural sleep aids.

There are many medications to cure insomnia other than herbal remedies which will help to take you full rest.

The other natural remedies for good sleep are:

Drinking warm milk at night is advisable by our elders as it contains tryptophan which is a natural sleep aids. During dinner if you take carbohydrates with protein naturally cure your disorder like eating whole grain cereals with milk. Reducing the intake of caffeine in our diet leads to restful sleep. Drinks like coffee, tea, soft drinks should be absolutely stopped by the patient. Some medicines to rectify severe cold have the side effect to decrease our rest level. Satisfying your sweet tooth directs you to extreme level harms in many ways as it shoots up blood sugar level which is a natural cause to disturb your sleep.

Relaxations technique are prescribed by every medical practitioner has it has extreme effect on our stress level and tries to reduce insomnia. Exercises help in having a restful night. Yoga plays a great part in curing insomnia as it involves breathing and stretching which aid in rectifying relaxation. Massage by specialist makes your body relax and put you to sleep peacefully. Meditation has a very good effect to relax your mind and soul. It assists in having pure thoughts and cleans all negative feeling.

To have a restful sleep is gift of God but it is in your hands to change life style and live peacefully.

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