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Solution For Better Health-Herbal Sleep Aid

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Now-a-days sleep deprivation has become a commonplace occurrence. People have twice the work load than before and less time to complete the work. That is why sleep depreciation is happening over an extended period of time. It has adverse effects on brain and its cognitive function. The best solution for getting proper sleep is herbal sleep aid.

Reasons of sleep depreciation

  • If you sleep 4-5 hours during the day time, you will find difficulty to sleep at night.
  • Strong light while sleeping may cause sleep to decrease.
  • Heavy dinner is also a reason for not getting sleep properly.
  • Midnight parties at neighborhood or dog’s howl outside can also distract you from deep sleep.
  • If your partner snores, you can face problem in sleeping.
  • Smoking cigarettes, consuming products high on caffeine like tea, coffee, and alcohol are also the reasons for sleep to decrease.
  • If you take acidic medicines regularly, these medicines can also affect your sleep pattern.

Effects of sleep deviation

Your brain can start malfunctioning just because of not getting proper sleep over an extended period of time. Some other effects are discussed below:-

  • Diabetes:-People who sleep for very few hours in night can get affected very easily by diabetes type 2.
  • Effect on growth:-Sleep deviation over an extended period of time can suppress the growth hormones.
  • Effect on healing process:-Those who don’t get proper sleep have less ability to get recovered from burns or wounds than others.
  • Obesity:-Sleep loss disturbs endocrine regulations which lead to obesity and weight gain.

Some other effects of not getting proper sleep are :- Depressions, confusion, memory loss, hand tremors, hallucinations, headaches, bloodshot eyes, increased blood pressure, irritability, etc.

Solution from sleep deprivation

Popularity of herbal sleep aid has been increasing to treat insomnia in a natural way. It has no side effects. To struggle with insomnia, some natural sleep aids must be taken as remedies.

Some natural herbals for insomnia are discussed below:-


Kava-kava is a herbal remedy for insomnia. This herb helps to relax your body as well as enhance dreaming capability. Sometimes it is also recommended for chronic fatigue. It is very much popular in the South Seas.

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This mild and gentle herb is taken with tea or coffee and has a very pleasant flavor. It is safe for both adults and children. It increases capability of digestion also.


Valerian is a root which has been used as a natural sleep aid for a long time. This herb promotes sleep if it is taken for a long-term period. Those who take this herb feel less anxious and nervous. Very high dose of this herb is harmful causing headaches, nausea, and dizziness.

Passion Flower

This is a very gentle herb. This herb helps to calm your body and mind and induces restful sleep. This is very safe herb and can be used for both the adults and children to decrease stress and tension.

California poppy

This herb promotes sleep, gives relaxation to body and mind and eases mild anxiety.


This herb gives relief from nervous tension and renews the central nervous system.

Some other natural sleep aids are Hops, Melatonin, Great Mullein, Bugleweed, Cowslip, Lavender, Tryptophan etc.

Some herbs work better if those are taken long–term and some others must be used occasionally. So before choosing any herbal sleep aid, you should consult with neuropathic physicians or dieticians or herbalists for their proper advice.

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