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Treat Your Sleeping Disorder With Best Sleep Aids

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In order to lead happy and productive life, sleeping is very essential. Person who cannot sleep well can develop many different health problems. There are plenty of people who have problem in getting proper sleep and this is called insomnia. Sometime those suffering from insomnia take help of dangerous drugs to get sleep. These drugs may help you to get sleep initially, but in long run, people become addicted to them and there are plenty of side effects, which may create lots of complication

Luckily there are few best sleep aids available, so that people can get their sleep without taking these dangerous sleeping pills. Some of these aids can be purchased from any local vitamin shops too.

What is insomnia?

If a person have sleeping disorders, then doctor call it as insomnia. Usually doctors want to know two things from the patient:

  • Whether the patient finds difficulties in falling asleep?
  • Whether patient cannot stay asleep?

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Most of the people have problem of the second type. If a person falls asleep with background noise like running TV or noisy family, can also create insomnia. If the sleeping cycle gets disturbed due to frequent interruption then also it can cause insomnia. This kind of insomnia can be however treated by elimination the source of noise. Plenty of studies have concluded that insomnia is the symptom of anxiety and depression. So, the best sleep aids will be the one which can cure both the symptom as well as the sleeping disorder.

People who get insomnia usually prefer to take herbals like Chamomile. This is brewed more or less in the same manner as tea and one among the best sleep aids. Chamomile can offer very good calming effect so that people can feel relaxed and can have better sleep.

Usually people turn to their doctors when they get sleeping problem. They can also prescribe few best sleep aids to help you to get good sleep. One of the well known aids is Melatonin, which is produced by pineal gland of the body, a natural hormone. Just before you fall asleep the Melatonin levels are highest in the body. Many doctors prescribe this Melatonin if your body cannot produce enough amounts which may cause you insomnia. This can manage your anxiety as well as induces good sleep. Patients usually respond very well with this Melatonin when used initially.

There are a few other best sleep aids and they as follows:

  • Tryptophan: It is a derivative of Amino acid, which can boost the serotonin level in the body. This is also known as 5-HTP.
  • Valerian: This is another herbal extract which is considered to be very effective to cure insomnia and anxiety level too.
  • Kava: Kava is available in Hawaii and many other islands of pacific countries, which are often consumed as replacement of alcohol by inhabitants. This is also considered to be very good in treating anxiety. The recommended dose of kava must be taken with consultation with doctor.

Lack of proper sleep can have very bad effect on any person. Those who are suffering from this problem must try to find out the cause and treat them early. If the problem persists for longtime then it is often very difficult to cure.

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