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Avoid Taking Prescription Sleep Aids - To Cure Your Insomnia

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In the USA, there are plenty of men and women are suffering from insomnia and therefore, they have to depend heavily on the prescription sleep aids, which are sometime prescribed by their physicians too. However, even the doctor’s prescription is no guarantee that the patient will get very sound sleep and absolutely safe to use these aids. You must therefore be aware of the consequences of taking such medicines arbitrarily and then take your decision carefully.

Doctors usually prescribe such medicine, when the patient is suffering from chronic sleepless problem, due to certain special treatment, which is provided either physically or psychologically. In such cases the patient is thoroughly examined by the doctor, after conducting various tests. Finally they will come to some definite conclusion about the reason for patient's insomnia. In majority of cases, prescription sleep aids becomes necessity for the patient, if they are suffering due to anxiety disorder, or any kind of depression, due to some psychological problem. Some time the patient may need to take this medication, in spite of no definite cause detected for the reasons of insomnia.

Basically, there are prescription sleep aids of three different types that are usually taken by affected people. All the three medicines work almost in the similar way. The contents of the medicine affects different brain receptors of the patient, as a result the nervous system gets slowed down. Some of these medicines may induce sleep sensation, while some may succeed in keeping you in deep sleep condition. However, it affects the brain in same manner. These pills are also known as sedative.

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Benzodiazepines are one of the well known prescription sleep aids, which is one of the oldest varieties of this sedative. Though, this medicine can provide you very good sleep, but it is considered to be very dangerous. If this sedative is taken quite often, then there is every chance of people becoming addicted to this medicine, both physically & psychologically. If you become addictive, then your body may yearn for this medicine to get little sleep. Eventually the medicine becomes less effective in producing enough sleep. Also, if you stop using this sedative, you will again get back to your insomnia condition.

Non-benzodiazepines are the latest variety of sedatives, which is not addictive. However, its long term effect is not fully studied yet. This kind of medication can also become ineffective after prolong use and the insomnia will return, if the medication is totally stopped. Besides with this variety of medicines, there are chances of many side effects too.

Physicians suggest for antidepressants for those, who are suffering from acute insomnia, as they feel that the main reason for sleeplessness is anxiety and depression. Although, this medication has not been approved by Drug administration, therefore doctors prescribe them in very controlled manner.

Now you are aware about these prescription sleep aids and know about their harmful effects. Therefore the best cure for sleeplessness must be behavior therapy and other natural treatments, rather than taking any sleeping pills.

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