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Opt For Natural Sleep Aid For Children

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You have done all those sleep habits stuff for making your child sleep quickly and calmly but in vain. Now you are desperate enough to take on some natural sleep aid for children but donít understand where to start. There are many natural sleep aids than prescription sleeping pills in the stores. Here is an easy and quick guide to natural sleep aids intended for children.


This is a hormone that is secreted in the pineal gland of our brain. It is thought to help the sleep-wake cycle of our body. Melatonin decreases sleep latency that is, the time it consumes to fall asleep, and increases the sleep duration.

It is the most well known natural sleep aid for children as well as adults helping with jet lag. Popularly used as sleep aid, it also helps children suffering from insomnia to get sleep quickly. However, it is usually regarded as safe for short-term use.

Before making use of Melatonin as sleep aid for children, always consult your pediatrician for ruling out medical reason for insomnia, like breathing difficulties or some behavioral conditions like attention-deficit disorder.

Chamomile or Matricaria recutita

It is one of oldest herbal sleep aids of nature used for centuries. Itís also one among the gentlest herbs popular as sleep aid for children. Flavonoids namely, apigenin and chrysin, are the active constituents present in it which are believed to lessen restlessness making one feel much relaxed.

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It also has anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. Hence it is also popularly used for treating stomach irritation. So, it is safe for both children and adults. It does not cause dependency and any side effects. Most often it is drunk as tea, which has mild, pleasant flavor. Itís also available in capsules or tincture form for internal use.

Valerian or Valeriana officinalis

It is also a highly recommended herbal sleep aid for children. Normally thought to help lessen the time to catch sleep and possibly it improves sleep quality. Also, it eases muscle tension, nervous tension and anxiety. It is generally safe when consumed in recommended dosages.

Lemon Balm or Melissa officinalis

It is a fragrant mint plant which the European herbalists recognize for its ability of inducing sleep and easing nervousness. It also protects gastrointestinal tract against any ulcers. Hence, lemon balm is the popular remedy for treating insomnia accompanied by nervous stomach. It is taken as tea, and is quite tasty. It is neither toxic nor has any side effects.

Passion flower or Passiflora incarnata

This is a sedative herb, helpful in relaxing the body and mind inducing restful sleep. Its active ingredient, harmine, as well as its related compounds helps in inhibiting the serotonin breakdown. It also comprises chrysin, which is the same flavonoid that is found in chamomile. Itís especially helpful aid for the sleeping disorders caused by muscle conditions, chronic pain, and anxiety. It could be taken as tea, capsules or as tincture. It is safe for both children and adults.

However, always first consult some licensed healthcare provider if you are planning to use any of these for children.

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