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Herbal Sleeping Aids – Use Herbs To Improve Your Sleep

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Herbal sleeping aids have been considered to be the best treatment for many centuries for the ailment of sleep apnea or insomnia. These herbal products help in a very gentle way to fall asleep. Improper sleep pattern can invite many problems that can affect a person's life badly.

Sleep apnea or insomnia can now be cured with the help of herbs that do not have any side effects or bad effects like the other sleep aid medicines. Herbal sleeping aids help you to have restful sleep the whole night without any side effects.

Here, we are discussing some of the most popular herbs that help in improving the sleeping pattern.


Passiflora or Passionflower is the name of an herb that contains many medicinal properties and these herbal sleeping aids mostly have been used in medicines for its best effect. The leaves of these herbs can be used to prepare teas or supplements that help in soothing your brain nerves and make you fall asleep easily. Passionflower is considered to be a safe herbal treatment and has never been reported to have side effects. However, pregnant women should consult their physicians before using this herb as a treatment.

Melissa Officinalis

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Melissa Officinalis also called lemon balm is a kind of mosquito repellent and is a very versatile herb that is derived from the mint family. It can be used in the herbal teas, candies and in ice creams. Lemon balm is also considered to be the best for its antibacterial and antiviral effects, but mostly it is popular for its soothing effect to the brain nerves that helps in falling asleep.

Withania Somnifera

Withania Somnifera or Ashwagandha is the name of an herb that is one of the most famous herbal sleeping aids in many Asian countries like India and is very popular ayurvedic medicine. This herb was derived from "Somnifera" species that means "sleep-inducing" and it helps to treat many other problems including enhancing your resistance power to stress, anxiety and fatigue too. This herb has rich rejuvenating properties

Lavender (Lavandula)

Lavender also comes under the category of herbs that helps to treat many diseases like headache, skin burns, insect bites and is also the popular herbal sleeping aids. Extractions of the flower head consumed at the time of sleep can help you fall in a deep sleep. Its seeds and flowers have very nice fragrance that gives a very soothing effect to the person. Pregnant women and children under the age of five years are recommended to consult a physician before undergoing this treatment.

These natural herbs are an effective remedy for stress, sleep disorders and anxiety. They also ease nervous restlessness. The effects of these exceptional sleeping aids begin within 30-40 minutes of their intake. Regular use of some of the herbal products improves the brain’s function and boosts the person’s memory. These herbal aids are designed to provide relief naturally and safely without the worries of any unwanted side effects like most of the prescription medications.

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