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Remediate Your Insomnia with Natural Sleep Aids

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It is quite natural to have occasional sleepless nights, but insomnia is a state where you cannot sleep on a daily basis. People experience lack of sleep due to various reasons like depression, lung disease, diabetes, menopause or hot flashes. However, now you can at last say goodbye to your sleeplessness by opting for natural sleep aids, which are easily available in the market.

Following of the few sleep aids that you could consume:

Kava – It is an herb that helps in curing insomnia caused by anxiety. It belongs to pepper family, which grows in abundance in the Pacific islands. This remedy is being used for thousands of years and has proved beneficial. You could either chew the roots or add it to any of your beverages like tea or coffee.

Diet – it plays a very important role in regulating an individual sleep pattern. You could cut down on café in containing food items like chocolate coffee or tea, especially right before going to bed. You must avoid sweets after dinner, as they cause irregular blood sugar levels that could disrupt sleep. It is recommended that you eat magnesium rich foods, as they are natural sedatives and good natural sleep aids such as green leafy vegetables, wheat bran, cashews, almonds, whole grains and others.

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Relaxation techniques – these techniques are very effective to enhance one’s sleep time. It will help you to sleep for longer hours and fall asleep sooner. It just requires twenty minutes of your time before you hit bed. Here are four effective natural sleep aids that help you relax before you go to bed:

  • Yoga: this technique is a perfect combination of meditation, breathing and stretching. If you haven’t performed yoga before, then there is nothing to worry, as there are many videos available over the Internet.
  • Mindfulness: it is a type of meditation, which involves concentrating on your present relaxed mind.
  • Visualization: it is nothing but imagining any of the incidents that makes you feel relaxed. You could think of your favorite vacation, any movie scene, a pleasant conversation that you might have had during the day and many others. This will help you relaxed instantly and put you on the sleep mode.
  • Muscle relaxation: this is very promising natural sleep aid. You could try some simple tricks and ensure that your body’s completely relaxed.

Valerian – It is one of the best natural sleep aids that cure Insomnia effectively. These days, it is easily available over-the- counter medicine in many countries. This herb is not addictive and can be taken by anybody who is experiencing sleeplessness. Unlike other sleep aids, this drug does not have any nausea or dizziness in the morning. They’re very safe and can be taken its half an hour before going to bed.

However, it takes about three to four weeks for it to show some positive results. In the beginning an individual might have a mild indigestion or headaches. There are various natural sleep aids that you could try, but it is recommended that you consult you doctors first. You must also find out, which of the techniques help you the best.

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