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Prescription Sleep Aids To Beat Insomnia

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Everyone wish for a sound and uninterrupted sleep. Sleep plays a vital role in enhancing ones physical health, longevity and emotional well-being also. After a good night’s sleep a person feels refreshed, rejuvenated and thoughts clearer and light hearted too. Without adequate and sufficient sleep, performance can dwindle, the ability to learn and retain may weaken and finally chronic sleep deprivation leads to serious health problems. When sleep disorders start having an impact on your life then it’s high time you start considering the help of Prescription Sleep Aids.

What is a Sleep Prescription Aid?

Prescription Sleep Aids are chemically controlled substances which should be taken only under the advice of a medical practitioner. They are also known as hypnotics. Decision regarding which sleeping aid is right for a person should be left to the entire discretion of the medical care provider. This person will decide taking into consideration the medical history of the patient, symptoms of sleep deprivation and the other medications taken by the patient.

Who Needs Sleep Prescription Aids?

Doctors usually advice sleeping aids to persons who are very desperate to find relief for their sleep disorder problems. Prescription Sleep Aids are available to help people fall asleep easier and stay asleep longer – or even both. Persons suffering from insomnia have no other choice than to take sleeping aids to have a peaceful, normal sleep.

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Types of Prescription Sleeping Aids:

All sleep aids available through a prescription can be broadly classified into three different types.

The first type is known as Benzodiazepine drugs. These drugs induce sleep by acting in the brain on certain specific receptors, effecting the nervous system and are generally prescribed in treating anxiety disorders. These drugs help to initiate sleep and increase the duration of sleep.

The second type is known as Non-Benzodiazepine drugs, the usage of which is becoming commoner. They are hypnotic medications meant for mild to moderate insomnia. These drugs can induce sleep quickly and are cleared from the system easily. This reduces the feeling of drowsiness once you are awake. Hence most doctors recommend this drug for sleep related problems.

The third type of Prescription Sleep Aid is the melatonin receptor which is a new product. This prescription specifically targets the receptors in the brain which are accountable for operating the body’s sleep and wake cycle. It functions by imitating the melatonin is a naturally secreting hormone which is at its peak during night time. This drug is highly recommended for long term use.

Some physicians also prescribe antidepressants for chronic insomnia because they think that the root cause of sleeplessness is acute depression and anxiety.


Prescription Sleep Aids taken as per the approval and indications of the doctor provides the best remedy for persistent sleep related disorders. The reason being the doctor prescribes the drug after examining the cause and duration and the current medications the patient is taking. Hence these drugs should be taken under the strict guidance of a doctor, at the mildest dosage and preferably for short period of time.

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