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What Are The Safe Sleep Aids?

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Are you sleeping enough at night? Not all of us that are blessed enough to have the complete eight hours respite which is recommended for our body. In fact, most of the studies evidently show that more than seventy million people ail from restlessness or insomnia. Shockingly, these numbers are increasing. If you are frantic about not being able to sleep, and if you wish to discover a treatment, then before taking some prescriptive medications, it will be worthwhile to take few minutes and locate some safe sleep aids around. The natural sleep aids have proven themselves as a best and safe sleep aids amongst all.

You cannot deny that the sleeplessness can cause a dreadful impact on your life. If you aren’t getting enough sleep at nights, after getting out of the bed, you will most likely feel irritable and weary. Obviously, prescriptive drugs help you to have deeper and longer sleep, but there are some side effects of using them.

Most of the prescriptive medicines tend to give a feeling of grogginess and sluggishness to you. Furthermore, you may become very dependent on these medicines, which is a real high risk. OTC (over the counter) medicines aren’t be safe sleep aids as compared to the natural ones.

Why You Should Avoid OTC sleep aids?

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OTC sleep aids includes antihistamines compound, which sometimes produce severe side effects. Before taking any type of OTC sleep aid, you must consult with your doctor. It is especially imperative if you have some health problems such as glaucoma, trouble urinating, breathing. It is important to talk to nearest physician if you are currently using antidepressant medicines for example MAOI (monoamine oxidase inhibitor). So, if you are genuinely looking for some safe sleep aids, the natural sleep aids are the best options to you.

Natural sleep aids are becoming more and more popular these days. Main advantage of using natural aids is that they have almost zero side effects, and they address the main cause of insomnia. There are a number of natural treatments for this problem. However, ‘chamomile’ is one of the best sleep aids. What you have to do is just drink a chamomile tea an hour before sleeping. The chamomile props up the action of certain amino acids, which in turn produces best results in soothing the central nervous system.

The passion flower could be one more good option. With the help researches, it has been noticed that passion flower contains sedative properties that helps to rest the muscles. Actually, sleep is extremely easy when your body stays in a stress-free condition. Melatrol is another option in the list of safe sleep aids which has great results with negligible side effects.

Using indium sulphate can be a good choice to think about. Indium sulphate compound helps your body initiate the production of specific hormones. With the controlled production of cortisol and adrenaline, a superior sleep could be easily achieved.

Along with the consumption of sleep aids, you should also acclimatize to some precise lifestyles to avoid insomnia. You should avoid eating junk foods and try to exercise daily.

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