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Natural Aids Are Safe Sleep Aids

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Sleeping disorder or insomnia is the major concern of current society. People are searching for the safest and effective combating techniques and drugs to get relief from the insomnia. There are several types of drugs and natural remedies available to get sound and pleasant sleep. However, the safest one is natural aid that doesn’t have any adverse effects. Thus natural aid is considered as one of the safe sleep aids. In case of chronic insomnia trouble, people rush to the doctor to have prescription drugs such as benzodiazepine and non-benzodiazepine.

  • Valerian: It is the safest herb to cure the insomnia problem. Currently, this herb is used by the people all across the globe due to its effectiveness in combating sleeping disorder. People can have the tea made of valerian herb or take the medications made of this herb. Usually, it affects the neurotransmitter in brain to make people feel sleepy. It smoothes the nerves and relaxes the mind so that people must be able to fall asleep. However, it has been clinically proved that it is one of the safe sleep aids that merely affect the human body adversely.
  • Melatonin: It is another popular remedy for insomnia. It is a hormone that found in the human body naturally. The pineal gland inside the brain secreted the serotonin which lately converted into the melatonin at night when light exposure diminishes. Thus, people must intake this before 20-30 minutes to go to bed.
  • Kava: It is another herb that acts as the anti-anxiety. It would reduce the anxiety and help people to go to the bed and have pleasant sleep.
  • Various relaxation techniques: Relaxation methods are one of the safe sleep aids that help people to increase the duration of sleep.

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1. Visualization: It involves the scenic visuals in your bedroom or you just feel that you are in the place which is surrounded by the beautiful sceneries. It helps people to fall asleep

2. Yoga: It is the best way of treating insomnia problem naturally. It involves different exercises ranging from breathing, stretching and meditation.

3. Fragrance: People can spread the incense or fragrance as per their preference in their bedrooms to create the environment conducive to have sound sleep

4. Listening relaxation music: There is several music CDs and DVDs available in the market that is especially recorded to provide relaxation to people while they going to sleep.

· Balanced Diet: Having proper balanced diet is another best way to combating insomnia. It can also be considered as one of the safe sleep aids. Usually, most of the people don’t fall asleep due to indigestion or acidity.

    1. Avoid having Caffeine: It is well known fact that caffeine is used as anti-sleeping item. Thus, avoid consuming caffeine, especially in night before going to bed.
    2. Avoid Sweets
    3. Intake Magnesium enriched food

These all are the safe sleep aids that can be used by the people anytime to combat insomnia or sleeping disorder.

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