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Safe Sleep Aids To Combat Sleeplessness

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Sleep plays a vital role in balancing and maintaining normal levels of perception skills such as speech, memory and coherent thinking. Simply saying sleep plays an essential role in the development of brain. Hence lack of good and sound sleep affects the proper functioning of the brain. Though it is quite common to have occasional sleepless nights, insomnia is lack of sleep on a continuous basis. Sleep deprivation has an impact not only on the perception functioning but also affects physical and emotional health. Hence people resort to taking Safe Sleep Aids.

What is Insomnia?

It is a general rule that a person needs eight hours of sound sleep for the proper functioning of an individual’s body. The ability to sleep well decreases with aging. Hence elderly people are most vulnerable to insomnia. Insomnia is a sleep disorder that results in inability to fall asleep or stay asleep, which is usually an implication of other related problems.

Diet for improving Sleep:

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There are many types of diet that serve as Safe Sleep Aids for improving sleep and treating insomnia. Milk of poppy seeds mixed with sufficient amount of sugar and consumed before bedtime induces sound sleep. Even mashed ripe banana mixed together with roasted cumin seeds promotes a deep sleep. Roots of pippali mixed with jaggery contribute to a good night’s sleep. Magnesium rich foods also enhance the quality of sleep. Foods rich in tryptophan like dates, figs, almonds etc. encourage an uninterrupted sleep. This is basically, an amino acid that increases the availability of serotonin in the brain and results in a peaceful sleep.

Herbal Remedies:

There are some herbs that serve as Safe Sleep Aids in curing insomnia. They are chamomile, valerian root, kava kava, lemon balm, passion flower and lavender. People consume chamomile tea as it is believed to contain sedative properties. Valerian tea can also be drunk before going to bed. Roots of kava can be either chewed or tea can be made and consumed. This is a good remedy for insomnia and anxiety related sleep disorders.

Relaxation Techniques:

Relaxation techniques can foster a good night’s sleep. This includes simple meditation that involves mind focussing, progressive muscle relaxation techniques, yoga and simple breathing exercises. Aerobic exercises, jogging and a brisk walk can also help in fighting sleeplessness. The above simple yet effective techniques serve as Safe Sleep Aids.

Reducing consumption of coffee and tea, lesser alcohol and avoiding chocolates can also promote a restful sleep. Melatonin is also a safe, effective and natural sleep aid. It helps to regulate the normal sleep/wake cycle of the body. Cognitive Behavioral therapy is a form of physiotherapy that improves sleep by altering your behaviour before bedtime and changing the life style habits that affects sleep patterns. A research at Harvard Medical School has proved that Cognitive Behavioral therapy including relaxation techniques is an effective Safe Sleep Aid.

Conclusion: Sleep deprivation is the root cause for many physical and mental problems. Though people love sleep they don’t realise the value of sleep. In this hectic lifestyle people should understand how sleep regenerates and revitalizes their body and strengthens their immune system as the whole.

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