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Natural Sleep Aids – Excellent Ways Of Having A Good Dream

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All of us are aware of the fact that a good night sleep is very important for our health. However, with all of the time restraints and so much of stress in our lives, it gets impossible to make our way to the bed at a proper time. Although sleep medications works fine for a few people, it becomes an addiction in the future. After a careful research, it has been found that a healthy life can be attained by following simple natural sleep aids.


Meditation, yoga and massage therapy are some valuable natural sleep aids. Meditation not only helps you to focus your mind on clearing negative thoughts, but it also aids you to be positive in life. Yoga and massage therapy are great stress releasers.

Visualization is a technique, which involves imagining a peaceful sight. Everybody can try it in bed, prior to falling asleep. When you imagine a beautiful landscape, you could also try smelling the sweet fragrance of flowers. The more dramatic the picture you visualize, the more efficient it will be.

We should eat foods rich in magnesium. Since magnesium is a natural tranquilizer, it helps you in having a good sleep. Green vegetables, almonds, cashews and legumes are very rich in magnesium. Proper exercise can contribute to good sleep. Mild, tender music is another therapy that can help to improve sleep without medication.

Natural medication

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Valerian is an aromatic plant that has been used for a long time to treat insomnia patients. Valerian tea and its liquid extracts are available all over the globe. However, most of the people dislike its smell and choose to gulp down a Valerian capsule.

Although it is purely herbal, a good number of people don’t acknowledge it as one of the natural sleep aids. Moreover, it has been proved that valerian is not addictive and it also does not cause unsteadiness the following morning.

Food Restriction

Beverages like coffee, tea and soft drinks are the major sources of caffeine. If caffeine is taken in a large amount everyday, then it can cause insomnia or restlessness in a person. Even dark chocolates and medicines for cold contain Caffeine.

Even though sugar is a good source of energy, it causes irregular blood sugar level. Eventually the blood sugar level falls in the middle of the night, disrupting your sleep.

That’s why we should consume chocolate, sugar and beverages such as coffee, tea, soft drinks in lesser quantity, and should never consider them as natural sleep aids.


People all over the world prefer natural sleep aids over other remedies, which can put an end to their insomnia. Even if some sleep aids and herbal remedies may prove effective, you should keep in mind that yoga, medication and exercise are the best techniques of relaxation.

A recent analysis of published scientific research recommended that exercise generally improves sleep for nearly everyone, and even helps in recovering insomnia patients. It’s better for us to avoid medication, as sleeping-pills are not so reliable and healthy.

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