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Best Sleep Aids To Help You Get Sufficient Sleep

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Sleep is an important part of our daily life. A good night’s sleep keeps you active during the daytime. Happiness and health also depends on having sufficient sleep. Studies believe sleeping a minimum of 5 to 6 hours a day is essential for our body to rejuvenate.

Nowadays, we consume a lot of caffeinated beverages and also there is an increased amount of stress in our lives. Due to these reasons, many suffer from sleep disorders.

Best Practices for a Good Sleep

You may be wondering how some people fall asleep as soon as they go to bed while you struggle 1 to 2 hours before you get sleep. The main reason could be your body is not tired enough.

Best sleep aids to overcome this problem are one to get enough exercise and other one is to avoid caffeine containing drinks during night. Avoid drinking too much coffee or tea which contains caffeine. The caffeine prevents from producing Melatonin, a hormone, which helps to fall asleep.

Types of Sleep Aids

Basically, sleep aids are classified into two categories:

One is natural sleep aids and the other is prescription drugs or over-the-counter pills.

Taking drugs would mean intake of chemicals into the body. Thus, natural remedies are best sleep aids as they do not have any side effects.

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Herbal supplements are the best available natural sleep aids. They contain Valerian and Melatonin, which help to correct hormonal imbalance and assists in proper functioning of the neurotransmitters. This in turn helps the body to attain calmness and thereby have a good sleep.

Meditation and yoga is another natural sleep remedy. It helps in achieving a peaceful mind and reducing stress. It helps to ease your body and give a relaxed feeling.

Easy and Effective Sleep Aids

Following are some best sleep aids that one can try at home:

Warm Milk: Drinking a glass of milk, especially warm milk, before going to bed will certainly make you sleepy. Milk contains a chemical that makes your body sleepy.

Music: Listening to melodious music can have a soothing effect and make you fall asleep. If you do want to disturb the partner who is sleeping with you, wearing headphones will be a good option.

Counting Sheep: An old-fashioned technique to make you sleep. Switch off the lights and think of a herd of sheep in your mind. Start counting it and soon you will forget the counting and fall asleep.

Sex: Last but not least of all best sleep aids, having sex with your wife is a widely accepted thing. Sex is a good way of getting your body to exercise.

The above discussed best sleep aids will certainly help you in getting sufficient sleep at night. Making little adjustments to your daily routine will help you attain this. The benefits of having sufficient sleep will definitely have a positive outcome on your personal and work life and in the long run helps you to lead a happy and healthy life.

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