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Beneficial Prescription Sleep Aids

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Contrary to counter sleep aids, which consists of antihistamines, most of the prescription sleep aids contains Benzodiazepines, recommended by doctors to patients suffering from insomnia.

However, the general side-effects are sleepiness even in the day and therefore require to be taken by following the instructions given by the physician's, in addition to the manufacturer of the medicine. Also, in order to prevent the perilous effects, they must not be taken for an extended period.

These Prescription sleep aids is recommended by the doctors, which help in providing relief from the sleeping disorders such as insomnia or lack of sleep because of anxiety or depression, but they cannot be bought over the counter.

The most recent alternative for sleeping medicine is those that contain Non-benzodiazepines. They are very advantageous as they have minor side-effects and they influence only specific receptors in the intellect. They also do not cause sleepiness during the day time. Barbiturates can be hazardous and can be addictive.

These sleeping pills help you to fall asleep trouble-free or stay asleep for a longer time or both. Prior to prescribing a medicine to facilitate you to sleep, your medical doctor will ask over a number of queries to get a precise image of your sleeping pattern. He might also order certain tests to keep track on any underlying condition that may be the reason for difficulty in sleeping.

In order to lessen the dangers of the side effects and to avoid becoming dependent on medicine to sleep, your practitioner would likely prescribe medicines for 2 weeks or even less. If the first medicine you take does not work after the completion of full prescribed course, call the doctor.

Some of these prescription sleeping pills are obtainable as generic drugs, which are normally less pricey than certain brand names. Consult your doctor, if there is a generic version obtainable of the medicine that he has prescribed.

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Advantages of prescription sleep aids are:

  • for a specific time period
  • have less side-effects
  • monitored by expert-the physician
  • non-addictive

The subsequent points must be taken into account:

  • Patients must follow the instructions cautiously.
  • Patient requires notifying the doctor on the additional forms of medication taken for different problems in order to avoid any reactions or side-effects.
  • It should be taken only intermittently in order to avoid addiction and enhance its effectiveness.
  • Alcohol must be strictly avoided while taking these prescription sleep aids as they can exacerbate the side effects.
  • Doctor's suggestions must be sought while stopping or reducing the intake of prescription sleep aids

If you are regularly facing the problem of both falling and staying asleep that is insomnia, meet with your physician. Treatment is always available for this problem and it is based on what is the main cause of your insomnia.

Today this prescription sleeping medicine does not carry the equal level of jeopardy of overdoses and dependence as the sleeping pills long-ago. However, it is perilous, especially for those who have certain medical conditions, together with kidney and liver disease. Always speak to your doctor prior to trying a new cure for insomnia.

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