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Prescription Sleep Aids Give You The Baby Sleep You Miss

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With the growing globalization now we are in constant touch with all our loved ones. With such proximity there are so many things on our mind that sleep starts deluding us. There are so many people around who have insomnia problem. This is why there is a growing demand for over the counter prescription sleep aids.

Before you try these yourself please consult a physician. Certain medical conditions do not allow the usage of these aids. For lactating and pregnant women- you should ask your gynecologist in case you have insomnia problems.

These aids help you relax and sleep stress free. They are prescribed by most doctors who want to treat patients with sleeping disorders. Most of them include the drugs starting with the letter Z like Zaliplon, Zolpidem and Zopiclone. These are most prescribed by professionals as they have lesser side effects and have less probability if rebound insomnia.

Most of the other prescription sleep aids cause physical dependence on and instead of getting cured for your insomnia you get addicted to them. They make you sleep for long hours and cause a major lifestyle change.

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The antihistaminic drugs are a good and safer bet. They are mostly used for cold and allergies. They make you sleepy instantly. However you do not get depended on them. Others are the Tylenol Pm and Anacin PM which is aspirin free. They also have pain relieving properties.

The benefits of these aids are that they give you a good night’s sleep and also makes you get over your sleeping pill addiction. Some of the safe ones are Melatonin and 5- HTP. If you have been taking the sleeping pills for a long time then the prescription sleep aids are going to take sometime before they show their effects. Melatonin does not induce and addiction. Drugs containing 5- HTP are not useful for knocking off the sleeping pill as they have similar properties.

The sleeping aids shall boost your confidence by making you sleep peacefully without worrying about sleep. Sometimes you need to wake up early for work and you cannot as you fail to sleep. The prescription sleep aids help you sleep like a baby.

You should also know that these aids do not work the same way for everyone. Gradually over time they loose their effectiveness. Since they cure your insomnia they change your natural body sleep patterns and this may make you feel groggy all the time. They are not known clinically to have side effects but you may get psychologically addicted to them.

To get yourself the most suited methods of prescription sleep aids you have to try different ones first. Then you need to settle on one of them. Use these methods only when you need to desperately wish to sleep and your sleep haunts you. You are the best judge to realize if you are getting psychologically depended on them. Trust yourself and you will do well and also sleep well.

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