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Prescription Sleep Aids - Pills Should Be Your Last Option

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Sleep disorder is a very serious ailment and it impacts a person's whole life. There may be many reasons to have insomnia, or sleep disorder but it is not necessary that you need to have sleeping pills as your prescription sleep aids. Sleeping pills should always be the last option.

Life is so fast and stressful that after performing one duty, there is a next thought of performing next duty. Brain needs six to eight hours sleep, without which, your energy level will start going down and you will not be able to perform your routine work efficiently.

Sometime, this sleep disorder reach up to that level that it impact on all aspact of your life and you might wish to start some prescription sleep aids.

Apart from sleeping pills and medicines, there are many other options come under the heading of prescription sleep aids that can help a person to overpower the sleep apnea or sleeping disorder. Let's have a look on them:

Before going for prescription sleep aids, if you will check thoroughly, you will get the remedy of sleep disorder without visiting to any doctor's clinic or hospital. There can be many reasons causing to disturb your sleep in night. Just try to find out if you are getting disturbed because of following reasons:

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Do you get bore by living a same kind of life by performing domestic duties and going to office? If it is the case, plan something different once in a week. Go out to picnic with your family or friends. Enjoy a lot by keeping all the worries aside. Forget about the stress of your job and home for sometime.

If above mentioned method does not work, try this option as a prescription sleep aids. Take a hot or cold water bath before going to bed. Change your daytime dress and wear washed and clean night dress. Take a warm oil massage in your hair. Apply some good moisturizer cream in your feet and then try to sleep.

Try maximum things before going to option of pills as a prescription sleep aids. This should be always a last option when all other methods don't work. Many people can manage to sleep without any sleeping pills and medicines.

Try to maintain a habit of "early to bed, early to rise". Go for a morning walk or do some kind of exercises to stay active whole day. Before going to bed, you can maintain a habit to go for walk after dinner and can do some kind of light exercises before sleeping.

Mostly people suffer with insomnia due to a hectic lifestyle. But still there are chances to have sleep apnea due to some serious disease and ailments. So do get a thorough physical check up and make sure that your sleep apnea is not because of any serious disease. Avoid using any sleeping pills for long time when your sleep apnea is not because of any disease.

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