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Natural Sleep Aids Products - Your Friend In Fighting Sleep Disorder

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There has been a constant barrage of products that are marketed as natural and safe remedies to treat sleeping disorders and insomnia. The number of choices available makes it very difficult to choose wisely the best product that is suitable for our use. There are several but highly effective products available in the market that induce intense sleep.

Melatonin as a sleep aid product

Melatonin is a naturally occurring hormone, which is secreted by the pineal gland which is present in the centre of the human brain. This hormone basically regulates the sleep patterns of the body. Changes in the level of production due to external causes like stress can severely affect sleep patterns in the body. In a healthy adult, levels of this hormone are found highest in the night. This hormone produces sleep rhythms in the brain that induces sound sleep.

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Studies have shown that increased levels of Melatonin helps in reducing the sleep latency. Sleep latency is nothing, but the time one has to fall asleep. Melatonin in the form of pills and injections are readily available in the market. One should however consult one’s doctor prior to use of melatonin. Doctors advise that 0.1 to 0.3 milligrams of this natural sleep aids product is enough to induce sleep in a average human being. Melatonin is available in fast release and normal release forms. One should use fast release form of this hormone so that sleep latency is drastically reduced. Although melatonin is a natural sleep aids products, it is not free from side effects.

Side effects like depression and high irritability are witnessed in people using the hormone. Many people have also complained that it helps them sleep early but they get up in the middle of night and cannot sleep afterwards. A better alternative to the use of hormone Melatonin is using herbal extract Valerin. Melatonin can be used for a short term of two to four months. However it should not be consumed for longer periods.

Valerin as a sleep aid product

One of the natural sleep aids products frequently used is Valerin. Valerin is also a naturally occurring herbal extract found in certain types of plants. Valerin is the most common substance used in medicines for treating anxiety and sleeplessness. Artificial sleep aids products like benzodiazipines have severe side effects. The side effects of artificial sleep aids are grogginess and irritability in the morning. ON the other hand, Valerin is believed to ease these symptoms and it is free from any ill side effects. Many scientists contemplate the idea of using Valerin for a long term use to ease sleeplessness.

Apart from using such products, it is always better to make lifestyle changes. One should stop eating junk foods. Eating healthy and nutritious food will enrich the body and will help in inducing normal sleep. Vegetables and fruits high in fiber help in easing problems of sleeplessness. Cutting down consumption of alcohol will also help in better sleep patterns.

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