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Natural Sleep Aids - Safe Way To Sleep Well

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A lot of people fail to realize that sleep related disorders can lead to a serious medical condition. Studies conducted by eminent doctors and scientists have conclusively proved that more than half of the human population around the world suffer from one or the other form of sleeping problems. Many of us ignore it and think that it is a temporary phenomenon. However there are serious repercussions lurking which we fail to identify.

Causes of Sleep related disorders

There are many factors which lead to poor sleeping patterns. Most of these factors are caused by our poor lifestyle and habits. Stress which many of us think is inevitable is the most basic reason for sleep issues. Stress causes changes in physical, psychological and mental functions of the human body. Poor habits like hitting the gym in the evening, consuming high levels of alcohol in the night, excessive smoking and consumption of food with higher levels of caffeine can disturb the sleep patterns of the brain. Normally we go to bed very late and try to get up very early. Inadequate sleep prevents brain from carrying out its normal functions. The most affected are those people who do not have a fixed work schedule, who party late into the night on a regular basis. Prolonged sleep disorder can lead to a chronic case of insomnia.

Treating sleeping Disorders

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Most preferable treatment for solving sleeping disorders is making small changes to lifestyle and eating habits. One should keep in mind that “early to bed, early to rise will keep a man healthy, wealthy and wise”. If changes to lifestyle are not possible due to a myriad of reasons, one requires the help of natural sleep aids.

Natural sleep aids available to cure sleeping disorders

If one consults a doctor, a polysomnography test is advised to evaluate the intensity of natural sleep aids that is required for the patient. Such sleep aids are available as prescription medicines and as across the counter medicines at all the chemist and pharmacy stores.

Some of the sleeping aids available to treat sleeping disorders

Natural sleep aids generally contain diphenhydramine in them. Many of them come in a combination of doxylamine. These substances are medically safe to use and are classified as hypnotic drugs. These help in relaxing the muscles in the body and hence help in inducing a deep state of slumber. Antihistamines act as mild sedatives and go a long way in inducing healthy sleeping patterns. Monoamine oxidase inhibitors are another class of mild anti depressants that are prescribed by medical practioners as a remedy to counter effects of poor sleep. Benzodiaphizine is another substance available that is prescribed to solve disorders and treat insomnia.

Other alternatives and safe sleep aids

Making simple changes to one’s lifestyle will always come in handy. One should moderately exercise during the day time. One should cut down the intake of alcohol and cigarettes. One should take the help of a therapist if facing a barrage of emotional and mental stress.

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