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Get Rid Of Chronic Insomnia With Prescription Sleep Aids

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We all have experienced occasional bouts of sleeplessness. It may be due to stress, depression or even due to some health problem. Lack of sleep not only disturbs the entire day but it brings in lot of behavioral changes that affect our lifestyle.

If you are not getting sleep or having trouble in falling asleep, you need to visit a doctor. There are treatments available. As a matter of fact, people often ignore sleeping problems. Nowadays, it is easier to get prescription sleep aids as compared to the past. The very first step to visit the doctor can help really help to deal with insomnia.

In most of the cases, patients suffering from chronic insomnia are suggested sleeping pills. However, persistent insomnia can be treated only with behavior changes. Doctors try finding out the root cause of not getting proper sleep. It helps them in prescribing the right type of medication for the patient.

Prescription sleep aids provide temporary solution to sleeping problems. You actually get the much needed rest that you have been longing for. Fortunately nowadays, sleeping aids are much safer than those available in the past. The amount of side affects is much reduced in the sleeping pills that are available nowadays.

However, the risk of getting side effects continues when you are taking sleeping pills. People suffering from liver and kidney disease have a higher risk than those who are healthy. It is advisable to talk to the doctor with the medical history before going for sleeping pills. Self treatment for insomnia can lead to critical health problems and hence should always be avoided.

Some of the very common side effects are:

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  • Weakness and dizziness throughout the day
  • Difficulty in maintaining the body balance leading drowsiness
  • Dry mouth and urge to drink lots of water
  • Burning sensation and tingling effect in case of extremities
  • Gastrointestinal problems which may lead to stomach discomfort, constipation or even heartburn
  • Drastic changes in the appetite

However, the prescription sleep aids have lesser amount of side effects. After a complete diagnosis of the problem, doctors suggest the appropriate medicine to treat insomnia. It may vary from patient to patient. These pills help to get sleep much easier than any other methods. Doctors try and study the sleep pattern before making the prescription.

Prescription sleep aids are usually prescribed for 2 to 3 weeks. If you are not able to experience any change in the pattern of your sleep, you should call the doctor. He may need to carry out some tests which are necessary to understand the underlying problem. Doctors may also try more than one type of sleeping pills to find the best option that will work for you.

There are some prescription sleep aids that should be stopped gradually. Immediate stop in the usage of these sleeping pills may cause anxiety and withdrawal symptoms. These drugs have a high risk of habit-forming and therefore should be taken as prescribed by the doctor. One should very closely follow the precautions suggested by the doctor while taking these pills.

Insomnia is a disease that can be treated with a healthy lifestyle and proper medical treatment.

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