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Know More About Safe Sleep Aids

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A good sleep is all we need for our physical and mental well-being, no matter how we get it in the beginning. Sleep disorder is a common problem, which can lead to many health problems. Safe Sleep Aids can be described as those that do not require any prescription.

Types of sleep aids:

  • Prescription or over the counter pills
  • Natural or herbal sleep aids.

Prescriptions Or Over the Counter Pills:

Now a day, prescription or over the counter pills are available in the market. However, the problem with them is that they might be habit forming, so it’s better to consult the doctor before taking them. If you want to be on the safer side, then you must always opt for” safe sleep aids.”

Natural Or Herbal Sleep Aids

The following natural or herbal Sleep aids are considered safer than the prescription or over the counter pills because they don’t have side effects:-

Chamomile Tea:-It is one of the herbal sleeping aids. A cup of chamomile tea before bed time is recommended for better sleep, as it reduces anxiety, calms digestive system and relieves muscle tension.

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Valerian: - The positive aspect of this herbal sleeping aid is that there is no feeling of hangover in the morning after consuming it.

Lemon Balm: - This herbal sleeping aid relaxes and calms your mind, so that you can fall asleep faster.

Passion Flower: It suppresses excess activity in the central nervous system and helps to get rid of anxiety, so that sound sleep can be enjoyed.

Melatonin: - This hormone acts as a natural sleep aid and is secreted by our body.

One can opt for these treatments either in the form of herbal tea, capsules, toothpaste, liquid tinctures or have it injected directly into the body.

What Are The Safe Sleep Aids For Women During And After Pregnancy?

The amount of proper sleep an expecting mother gets is directly proportional to the growth and development of the fetus inside. During and after pregnancy, normal sleep cycle takes a toss and turn.

To enjoy a good sleep, expecting or lactating mothers can try other safe sleep aids like light exercise, warm milk before bed time, sleeping in a dimly light room, listening to soothing music, knitting and aroma therapy. One can also opt for the above mentioned herbal supplements.

Meaning Of Sleep Aids For children

Sleep disorder in children may be due to many reasons and thus, comfort plays a vital role. Sleeping pills or any medications should be avoided to induce sleep for them.

“Sleep aids” for children, means encouraging them to use any object to facilitate sleep, without any assistance from their parents. The best sleeping aids for your child is you. Your time and little attention can help your child feel secure and enjoy a sound sleep.

Human body uses light as a signal to regulate sleep cycle. Exposure to light during morning walk or late afternoon stroll can surely help you in correcting your sleeping disorder .Safe sleep aids in the form of herbal remedies is a holistic approach to sleep better. By following a healthy lifestyle, you’ll be soon on your way to sleeping better.

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