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Natural Sleep Aids And Supplements

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Because of chaotic lifestyles and tiresome working habits these days, many people are facing issues related to sleeplessness. People who are deprived of peaceful nights sleep can become prone to many critical diseases. Some of them are diabetes, obesity, and disorders related to heart. The main reasons for not being able to sleep during the nights are anxiety, depression or stress. Natural sleep aids have been able to help many individuals get rid of their sleep related problems.


The firm called as valerian is known to be very beneficial for sleeping problems. It is also the main ingredient in many reliable herbal sleeping pills. The best advantage of valerian is that people will not get addicted to it. Typically it puts people to peaceful sleep within an hour of taking it. However, people should refrain from making it a habit as it could cause adverse affects like dizziness, headaches, indigestion, etc.


Insomnia or sleeplessness can also be the major result of anxiety. Kava is an herb, and it has been prescribed to people who face sleeping problems due to anxiety. However, some medical reports suggest that kava would lead to liver and related problems and therefore it should not be consumed on a continuous basis. While comparing with valerian, it is supposed to be the riskier and therefore it should be taken only under the supervision of medical practitioners.


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People seem to work in all sorts of odd hours these days which will seriously impact their biological clocks. Melatonin is another natural substance which has proved to be beneficial for people who work in weird times during the day. It is naturally available as a hormone in our body. It loses its effectiveness when it is exposed to sun, and it works within 30 minutes. People suffering from depression should not try this substitute without consulting their doctors first.

Lavender is also known to have sedative characteristics and it basically works towards lengthening the sleeping hours. Proper sleeping hours are most important as sleep timings as well. Women mostly prefer lavender as it produces good fragrance, and moreover it works quite fast. Sleeplessness can be eliminated by using them while bathing or by keeping it under the pillow while sleeping.

Visualizing of thinking about pleasant environments can be very relaxing and can work as great natural sleeping aids. You could think about a beautiful beach with cool evening breeze brushing against your cheeks as you walk on the soft white sands, are you could picture yourself walking through the woods and viewing the enchanting waterfall as you walk..

Soft music is another great option that can work as lovely natural sleep aids. Music can be very soothing and it will put you to sleep that can be very satisfying. You will feel completely relaxed if you sleep with some soft music. However, make it a point not to increase its volume beyond a certain level that is starts disturbing you.

Acupuncture is an age old remedy that seems to work as perfect natural sleeping aids and it has also proven to cure insomnia. According to some researchers, five weeks of acupuncture treatment can efficiently increase the melatonin levels, thereby providing individuals with peaceful sleeps.

According to Indian ayurveda, it is mentioned that that insomnia is basically the result of vata imbalance. Coconut oil is also known to help people with sleeping problems.

Sleepless nights could also be caused you to lack of physical activity. Body workouts normally make people sleep well and they feel really fresh when they wake up. The other forms of natural sleep aids are medication, balanced diet, and various other muscle relaxing techniques.

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