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Sleep Naturally By Using Natural Sleeping Aids

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"A peaceful sleep and a hearty laughter are the best cures in the prescription of the doctor”.

As we all know a good and a sound sleep is all that living beings require to be fit and energetic and moreover to keep away from the day to day tensions and break downs. Sleeping is the only time when our brain is relaxing. If you are suffering from any sleeping disorder and do not want to opt for strong anti-biotic, then Natural Sleeping Aids is the ultimate treatment.

Why is sleep necessary?

As the present scenario depicts, a human being's life is no less than a machine. He works throughout the day with vigor and vitality, and he is so much into it that an hour’s sleep is “too much” to ask for him.

Compromising sleep means inviting more problems on oneself. Below mentioned are few of them:-

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  • Day time crankiness,
  • Concentration problems,
  • Depression and many more problems related to poor sleeping habits.

Do you know that besides diseases what else hampers your health?

It’s the lack of proper sleep. All our body needs is time to rejuvenate and prepare itself for the following day’s hectic schedule. There are many people who depend on some or the other type of medications in order to help themselves get rid of “insomnia” (sleeplessness). Some opt for sleeping pills and get addicted to them, whereas those who are close to nature and have faith in natural products, try solving it as expected by using Natural sleeping aids.

Why are sleeping pills harmful?

The addiction of sleeping pills, as we all know, is very harmful. Sleeping pills are usually “sedative hypnotics”, which commonly inductive sleep drugs. The effect of these drugs does not last for a longer time. These drugs reduce the speed at which you breathe and also at the depth you inhale oxygen, and thus, it is considered as slow death for asthmatic patients. As far as a normal human being is concerned, an addiction to sleeping pills can cause:-

  • Diarrhea
  • Constipation
  • Gas problems
  • Severe headache
  • Difficulty in keeping balance
  • Unusual dreams
  • Weakness etc.

Thus, we should avoid such pills and prefer other natural products.

Natural sleeping pills:-

Seeing all the problems mentioned above, doctors these days have started recommending “Natural sleeping aids” which are generally mixed herbs, minerals and certain vitamins. Sometimes, even when you try and have healthy diet, there are nutritional deficiencies that arise, these herbal medicines can help you to overcome these deficiencies as well, thus helping the body to perform its functions properly. These herbal sleeping aids help enhancing your immune system and thus preventing our body against diseases.

Best Natural sleep remedy:-

VALERIAN: - Valerian has been used for quite a long period of time for treating insomnia. It is one of the most commonly used Natural sleeping aids. It is not believed to be addictive, but should not be used more than 3 months at a time.

MELATONIN: - It is known to be one of the most helpful Natural sleeping aids. It is prescribed by many experts along with a warning stating that should not be taken by people suffering from Depression, Schizophrenia and other serious illness, but it is definitely a better option than “sleeping pills”.

KAVA: - Kava is an anti-anxiety herb, which might prove to be effective for anxiety related insomnia.

Insomnia can have really serious consequences if not cured. Sleeping pills are not the only option. We should instead prefer natural remedy to such harmful anti-biotic. Natural sleeping aids are safe and can be taken by anyone. However, there's nothing better than a natural sleep.

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