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You Can Get Better Sleep With Natural Sleep Aids

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About thirty per cent among the Americans are suffering from Insomnia. If you are feeling restless while sleeping in your bed then you also fall under this category of Americans. You need not get scared even if you are. In the market you can get many varieties of different natural sleep aids and many other relaxation methods which can give you good sleep.

If you cannot sleep well during the night then this problem is known as insomnia. The biological clock of the person gets disturbed due to this problem. When you are having your normal sleep then your body remains under cellular maintenance. However when person cannot get proper rest during the night then he is stressed, tired, suffers from acidity problem, gets headache and often remains annoyed.

Any healthy and normal person may get sleepless night during any time of their life, however if this becomes consistent then he need to take natural sleep aids. Chronic insomnia may be signal of occurring any of the following problems

  • Depression
  • Sleep apnea
  • Heart disease
  • Diabetes
  • High Blood pressure
  • Lung disorder

Therefore, if you ever suffer from regular insomnia then you must immediately consult any good doctor.

Nowadays due to availability of many natural sleep aids it is quite easy to fight insomnia. You can get any of these aids prescribed by your doctor.

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The best cure for insomnia is natural sleep. In such case you need not depend on any kind of drug or its side effects. In the market there are few natural sleep aids are also available. Let us discuss few of them in the following paragraphs.

One of the well known sleep aid is known as Melatonin. In case anyone is suffering from jet lag or he has disturbed sleeping cycle due to working in night shifts can use this sleeping aids. In our body also this Melatonin hormone is present. This must be taken half an hour before going to bed. However if you are suffering from auto immune disease or schizophrenia then you must avoid this aid.

Another well known sleep air is Vitamin B Complex. This can also induce natural sleep. If your body has insufficient Vitamin B complex, then also you may get sleeping problem. You can therefore take this vitamin in case you are not getting proper sleep.

Calcium is also very known tranquilizer. It reduces muscle pain suffered by anyone during night. Magnesium is also very good nutrient and can help you to remove various stresses during night. Yoga exercises are also very good for inducing good sleep during night as this gives lots of calming effect which helps to promote good sleep.

You can also avoid insomnia condition by avoiding the following

  • Caffeine containing Drinks
  • Alcohol
  • Cigarettes
  • Afternoon naps

You must take good warm bath and drink hot milk. During sleep play soft music & keep your room quite, dark and cool. You must also keep your mind free from the various pressures of work.

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