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Over The Counter Sleep Aids Can Help You To Get Nice Sleep

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If you ask me what is the ideal sleep aid, then I will say sleep with your warm blanket with snug cushion with stress free mind. However the purpose of writing this article is not the same. You want to know about over the counter sleep aids or other similar supplement which can make you sleep easily. Before I discuss about these drugs let me say something more to you.

A Good suggestion

You must use over the counter sleep aids only when you are suffering from acute insomnia. What I mean to say that you should not take these pills only means to get sleep. It is like taking personal loan from any cash store, where you can get loan easily but you must repay it back to avoid heavy interest. Similarly longer you take these sleeping pills more you have to pay its cost as demand will increase more.

Like you use short term loans only to meet your emergency situation, similarly you must take these over the counter sleep aids to cure your serious problem and then avoid using them anymore. By using those for short term can give you wonderful result and you may also get very sound sleep.

In the market you will get sleeping pills supplied by number of popular brands which you can get in most of the chemist shops.

Some of these pills will also produce little bit of side effects too, however with moderate usage with Doctor's prescription you may not get affected much. Another thing you must remember is that whenever you consume over the counter sleep aids then you must select the drug with lower potency. Many people often ignore this important thing while buying this drug.

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As far as various side effects of this drug is concerned it can only happen if you consume the drug of higher potency. If you also consume very frequently then following side effects may happen.

  • Queasiness feeling
  • Headache
  • Bowel problem
  • Tummy cramping

People who are below 18 years of age or mother who is breast feeding or expectant mother must avoid taking these drugs. The potency of the drug though varies from country to country and therefore it is very essential that while consuming this drug, you must consult your local doctor. Only if he advises you to take the drug you must take with prescribed dosages.

Few other precautions

You must never under any circumstances consume any kind of sleeping pills along with any alcoholic beverages. This direction is usually written on the wrapper of the pills but even if it is not written you must follow this direction without fail. Also while you consume these pills, you must not expect that any miracle will take place immediately. Usually this kind of pill is not a kind of tranquilizers, which will make you unconscious as soon as you consume them.

Another thing you must remember that by consuming these pills, you cannot hinder your dream. You may get dream all throughout the night. This will also help you to get creating thoughts after you get up from your sleep.

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