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Natural Sleep Aid Great Way Of Calling Back Sleep

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Sleep is a very essential for a human being. Researches have confirmed that a person requires at least 7 hours of sleep everyday. However, due to the growing reckless lifestyle and late night parties, it has become very difficult for a person to get a good night sleep everyday. With regular disturbance in sleep, a person starts to grow Insomnia. Nowadays, for effective result, people have started to rely on natural sleep aid treatments.

Oats And Milk

There are many foods, which can induce sleep and fat in our body. However, most people prefer to avoid unhealthy, fatty foods. Oats are well known for their low fat content and they can be used to induce sleep at night. For achieving a good night sleep every night, you will be required to eat oats with a warm glass of milk.

Since, oat are digested slowly, you will be able to sleep calmly without the worry of waking up in the middle of the night because of low blood pressure. Moreover, oats induces a serotonin surge in your endocrine system, which aids your body to sleep more comfortably.

Milk is considered to be a natural sleep aid. We have noticed that children tend to sleep after drinking milk. The reason behind this magic is that milk contains tryptophan, a kind of amino acid, which promotes relaxation in our body through the hormone serotonin. Moreover, milk contains calcium which on the other hand converts the tryptophan in to melatonin. Melatonin is well known for its quality of inducing sleep in our body.

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Spicy And Nuts

Food plays a very vital role in our sleep cycle. With the consumption of sleep inducing food, you will be able to say good bye to insomnia. According to research, peanuts contain niacin, which are active promoter of serotonin. This serotonin on the other hand induces sleep in our body. You can easily eat a piece of brown bread with peanut butter before going to bed everyday.

In spices, you might find bell pepper very valuable, as they contain vitamin C, which is considered a natural sleep aid. Moreover, you can eat fruits that are rich in Vitamin C, such as lemon and orange. Vitamin C also manages our stress problems and induces a comfortable, stress free sleep.

Foods To Avoid

The foremost drink, which we will need to exclude from our daily routine, is Caffeine. Coffee is a good source of caffeine and it enables us to remain awake for long periods of time. Caffeine can be very stressful for a person, who is suffering from sleep disorders. It is best for an individual to avoid coffee for a time period until he or she does not recover properly.

A High protein meal can be termed as an opposite of a natural sleep aid food. Proteins require a lot of time to digest and eating a protein just before going to bed can make you remain awake for a long time. Therefore, it is better for an individual to consume protein meals in the early evenings.

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