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Natural Sleep Aid Is More Preferable To Medication

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There may be a situation when you will find in the middle of night either you are thinking about your personal problem or work related problem. You just do not get sleep at all and it is the right time to think about natural sleep aid.

Many people however take help of sleeping pills which are available in the market. However one must consider the safety aspects before consuming them. In any case, they must be used for short term basis only. If this syndrome of insomnia persists too long then you need to consult Doctor or psychologists instead of taking sleeping pills regularly. There are many other safer means and natural sleep aid available to avoid sleepless night instead of sleeping pills.

Now the question is whether any kind of medication or sleeping pills or even natural sleep aid is right for our health? As a general rule one must go for medication or sleeping pills if you are travelling to different continent or you are under recovery from some long term medical problem. This usage must be limited for certain duration only. Medication is also used sometime in the starting point of the behavioral treatment for sleeping problem particularly if the problem of sleeping disorder is very severe. In case it is essential to use sleeping pills on long term basis then it must be used when it is very much required only but not on a routine basis so that it does not form a habit or dependence. While taking these pills it is also necessary to take guidance of your doctor who must regularly monitor your condition to check the side effects.

Problem with sleeping pills purchased from the counter

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The idea of solving the sleeping disorder by consuming pills may sound great in the beginning. However it does not cure the actual problem and on the contrary in longer run the problem can get even worse. There are plenty of side effects observed if you consume any sleeping pills or medication regularly.

Side effects

  • Among the most predominant side effects are confusion, drowsiness on next day, dry mouth and forgetfulness.
  • Another side effect is drug tolerance due to which you will need to take more quantity of pills in order to get proper sleep with the result there will be more side effects.
  • Patient will develop drug dependence and thereby he cannot get proper sleep unless or until he consumes the pill. His condition will further worsen if he does not get the pills.
  • Patient will also show withdrawal symptoms if the medication is abruptly stopped. There will be sweating, nausea and shaking due to this problem.
  • There will be drug interaction also as sleeping pills will interact with other medication. This will worsen the case as the patient will not properly respond to any kind of medication.
  • There can be rebound Insomnia if the pills are stopped and the condition can be much worse than before.
  • Finally the patient will reach to a condition that he cannot be treated for the insomnia with the help of any kind of medication.

Therefore in case if you are suffering from sleeping disorder then you must look for natural sleep aid, instead of consuming sleeping pills.

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